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Hemsö fortress

Welcome, to the Cold War experience.

Opening hours 2023

We are now preparing for the 2023 season. Opening date for the public is not yet decided, but will most probably be around the second week of June, group bookings are available from February to December.

About Hemsö fästning

Hemsö fästning is one of Sweden’s largest Cold War fortresses. The Cold War was a time characterised by the arms race between Soviet union and the USA, the east and the west, Sweden was between the two power blocks and the threat from the East was serious. Construction of the main fortress on Hemsö began in 1953 and it was completed four years later. The facility was intended to protect the important industries in Ådalen as well as Härnösand Harbour.

The 5000 m² fortress was blasted out of the rock and was built to withstand a direct hit from an atomic bomb, in a conflict, 320 soldiers could be accommodated underground. They had fuel, ammunition and food to hold out through three months isolation. The armaments comprised six 15,2 cannons. Each of the three twin turrets was operated by 25 men and could fire four shells a minute. The air defences comprised two separate anti-aircraft guns.

In the 1960s, the facility was expanded by the addition of a 7,5 cm rapid fore coastal battery at northern point of the island, Havsoudd. The facility was surrounded by large number fire bays, mortar emplacements and bunkers protecting from enemy forces.

Hemsö fortress was top secret and foreign citizens were banned from going ashore. Today it is an exiting visitor destination open to all. During the summer 11 June to 20 August we have guided tours every day.

Our E-mail address is, destinationhemso@gmail.com

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